Our City Needs a Whistleblower

August 10, 2022

Dear Editor,

Is the Santa Monica Police Officers Association able to freely talk with the public about their instructions from the City Council and City Manager? I expect not. ("OPINION -- Santa Monica Police Officers Association Sets the Record Straight," August 9, 2022)

It is likely that they must avoid criticizing or exposing how they have been instructed in order to keep their jobs.

But the public can see that discouraging official reports of crime is the city line. The City Council and manager want the tourists to keep coming with their money, and they deem that more important than accurately facing today's public safety threats.

I have experienced three occasions where SMPD responders discouraged me from making a police report. Most recently, this occurred when I was chased and groped by a homeless drug addict, and responding officers didn't make a report.

This policy does not come from the individual officers who must follow orders to keep their jobs. Santa Monica police include people I personally love and treasure. I know 100 percent that they want to keep us safe.

They must be getting instructions from the city bosses, but they can't speak up without fear of retaliation. Our city needs a whistleblower.

Thank you,

Zina Markevicius
Santa Monica

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