Santa Monica's Unspoken Trade-Off

August 4, 2022

Dear Editor,

It's hard to find another response that's not repetitive regarding the complete corruption of the Santa Monica City government -- from the Rent Board to the City Council, and up-and-down the different boards.

The mere fact that one part of the economy -- housing -- is targeted for complete destruction to favor the demand-side tenants speaks for itself.

Nevertheless, there exists an unspoken trade-off in Santa Monica. That in exchange for reduced rent and free stuff a slave mentality is accepted. That the master is controlling their lives and the tenant needs protection from the evil, greedy, sexually sick, Peeping Tom property owner.

The Communist manifesto -- the guide book of Santa Monica elected officials, rent rights activists and the liberals left -- clearly states that for the betterment of all, destroy private property and give the government control of all aspects of the citizen's life.

This agreed trade-off by the voters is a better way to live. . . as a slave of the state rather than to be a prosecuted by the state.

This is a complete collapse of the American dream and a direct pathway to poverty and the collapse of upward mobility.

Sooner or later the blatant taking a private property called rent control, a clear violation of the 5th and 14th amendment, will make its way to the Supreme Court and when that day happens, we could enjoy the final destruction of rent control and a return to pride and the American way.

Robert Kronovet
2008 - 2012 Santa Monica Rent Commissioner

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