Don't Become a Slave of the State

March 17, 2022

Dear Editor,

I am speaking to the citizens of Santa Monica so they're aware of the continual expansion of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board and the Santa Monica City Council ("Proposed Charter Amendment Requires All Units to Register with Rent Board," March 16, 2022).

To be clear, the more government expands the weaker the citizen is. No one is immune -- not tenants, not owners -- from the continual slavery state created by the hard left liberal government.

They believe you and I are incapable of any decision making. Be prepared, as I predicted 20 years ago, for a time when every resident in Santa Monica will be forced to take in residents -- homeless or otherwise -- once every single bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen is registered.

As the California government continually tries to crush private property rights no one will be strong enough to stop it. To be clear, I am standing up for private property rights, otherwise you will become a slave of the state.

The elected officials' expanding powers is crushing all merit based effort to own property. I will always be running for the Rent Board. Do yourself a favor: vote for some moderates before you have nothing left.

Robert Kronovet
2008 - 2012 Santa Monica Rent Commissioner

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