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A Ridiculous and Unfounded Attack

July 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

In a letter you ran on July 27, a man by the name of Kip Dellinger launched a ridiculous and unfounded attack on Councilmembers Phil Brock and Christine Parra ("LETTERS -- Ethically Unsuited for Political Office," July 27, 2021).

While Dellinger takes great pride in the fact that he has been a CPA for 50 years (as if that’s somehow relevant) he needs to go back to school and spend some time studying basic logic before he tries to educate the citizens of Santa Monica about “conflict of interest“.

In his letter to The Lookout he concocted two hypotheticals in which he himself would be guilty of conflict of interest and then attempted to use them to smear council-members Brock and Parra.

What he fails to acknowledge, either as a matter of convenience or a lack of sufficient intellectual capacity, is that in both of his examples he himself would personally and financially benefit from overlooking or concealing his wife’s crimes.

In contrast, neither Mr. De La Torre nor his wife would benefit financially from the Pico Neighborhood Association (PNA) winning the voters rights lawsuit against the City. In fact it could necessitate new elections in which Mr. De La Torre‘s seat on the Council would be at risk.

The fact that Dellinger would use such specious logic to impugn the integrity of new members of our City Council does not speak well for him and raises the question: Whose interests is he serving?

John Petz
Santa Monica

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