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De la Torre's Participation Jeopardizes SMRR's Grip on the City

January 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

While newly elected Councilmember Oscar de la Torre and I don't share similar views on public policy, we do share the same abusive treatment and unequal justice regarding our place in Santa Monica City government.

In 2010 during my term as a duly elected official on the Santa Monica Rent Board, one of the many over paid mostly useless SMRR attack attorneys wasted taxpayer money by digging up a very obscure policy that banned a multi-family property owner from voting on the annual rent board budget due to its direct effect to the property owner. (The $4 to $8 difference in monthly income caused my baring.)

Naturally the SMRR attack attorney found no language or effect for tenant members of the Rent board voting on the same budget. Because I was on the supply side of the housing equation my ban was enforced and the tenant members of the rent board were free to vote directly for their interest, which is to keep rents as low as possible.

The demand side of housing is immune from being restricted due to their position.

The parallel is clear: Councilmember Oscar de la Torre is not permitted to be part of something that goes counter to Santa Monica Renters' Rights (SMRR) grip on the City ("Council Votes to Exclude de la Torre from Closed Sessions of Voting Rights Case," January 26, 2021).

The good news is SMRR's time has passed and hopefully they will suffocate soon in their smoky back rooms.

I stand with Oscar de la Torre. He has a right to speak about any issue the same way the SMRR diehards have a right to speak about issues that affect them directly.

Robert Kronovet
Santa Monica Rent Control Commissioner 2008-2012

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