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All Power is in the Voting Booth, Not a Petition

Dear Editor,

It is pure nonsense to blame the City Manager for any issues the seven members of the SMRR city council have created over the last 40 years ("Petition Calls for Santa Monica City Manager's Firing," April 15, 2020).

Rick Cole is a fine, elegant gentleman who held office as an elected official in Pasadena and has a thorough and excellent knowledge of government from both the elected and appointed sides.

All power is in the voting booth come November, not on a petition.

I'm not clear that Santa Monica residents understand or comprehend the fact that, in our form of government, they are 100 percent responsible for the officials they elect.

Residents can hope to hire Winston Churchill to be the City Manager and it won't make any difference if the Council members remain.

Our city council is beholden to the arrogant and conniving members of the Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights (SMRR) steering committee and the hard left liberals that put them in power.

They are in deep personal, spiritual, and financial debt to SMRR. This is where the Council gets its marching orders.

Robert Kronovet
Former Santa Monica Rent Commissioner

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