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LETTERS -- Santa Monica Needs to Wake Up

Dear Editor,

September 10, 2019

Harriet Epstein's letter is a accurate description of the corruption and back door dealings the City Council has been doing for 35-plus years ("LETTERS -- Why Should the City Do the Work of the Hotel Union at Taxpayers Expense?" August 23, 2019).

She is right when she says that Local 11 has a disproportionate influence on City Council because it provides money and campaign workers to incumbents.

Every time Council members decide to organize privately without the public being involved, they are engaged in a conspiracy to violate the Brown act.

But no court, no prosecutor, no city attorney, no county attorney will ever charge City Council members in Santa Monica with violating the law.

It's our responsibility as voters to remove these people from office and put in men and women who care about the voters and taxpayers more than their own personal greedy self interests.

Wake up Santa Monica and take responsibility for your future, otherwise you have no excuse when you become slaves of the state.
Robert Kronovet

Robert Kronovet is a Realtor who served on the Santa Monica Rent Control Board from 2008 to 2012


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