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LETTERS -- Message from Superintendent Dr. Ben Drati

November 8, 2018

Dear Santa Monica and Malibu voters,

Thank you very much for your overwhelming support of Measures SMS in Santa Monica and Measure M in Malibu to improve our schools. Both measures passed with 70 percent approval in each community.

This is testament to the unwavering trust you have in our schools and ongoing interest in supporting our students. We are appreciative of your vote of confidence!

These funds will go a long way toward modernizing our aging schools and bringing them up to 21st century learning standards both indoors and out.

This includes safety and security updates, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, restroom and roof improvements, as well as technology improvements for student learning.

Windows, doors and floors will be replaced at schools that have not yet received along with paint updates. We continue to work on our accessibility transition plan.

We plan to update kitchens and kitchen equipment to improve our food and nutrition services, replace furniture to support varied modes of learning and expand our sustainability initiatives.

Samohi and Malibu High School will see continued work on new building construction as part of the Samohi Campus P lan and work is already underway to establish a master plan for Malibu Middle and High School.

We will continue with public advisory and oversight committees and other accountability measures to ensure transparency and facilitate community input.

The future is bright for all of our students and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Thank you.

Dr. Ben Drati

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