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Single-Family Homeowners Need to Wake Up

Dear Editor,

I have been writing to you about rent control coming to single-family homes for years. Well the window is closing on my fellow homeowners in Santa Monica and LA to stand up and fight for their rights ("Santa Monica Rent Control Board Tables Vote on Measure to Expand to More Units," March 23, 2018).

I've been asking my fellow homeowners to show courage to claim their God-given private property rights for years. The natural order of man is freedom and that cannot be achieved without private property rights.

The freedoms Americans enjoy depend of owning real estate, and keeping the government's hands off our land. The hard left in California is promoting rent control and now is bringing it to single-family homes, this is a fact and irrefutable.

Homeowners will now experience the unparalleled bureaucracy of not owning their entire home completely; homeowners will have rent control in every bedroom of their home.

The men and women I've been asking to stand up against the hard anti-property liberals have failed. Soon homeowners across the state will be subjected to the horrible bureaucracy and loss of property values.

In many ways California property owners don't have the courage to stand up for what they work their whole lives to achieve. My fellow homeowners across California: rent control will require you to register every single vacant bedroom and occupied bedroom in your home.

Mark my words. It takes a flick of a pen or the landing of a gavel and we become slaves of the state.

I know the hard left. I know the rent control advocates better than they know themselves. Please open your eyes, show the courage of our past history of Americans from the Pioneers who crossed the land to our brave men in women in every aspect of life.

Time is running out.

Robert Kronovet
Rent Board Commmissioner 2008-12

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