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Developers Have Too Much Influence On This Election

Below is Council candidate Roberto Gomez's response to a questionnaire sent to each candidate by The Lookout earlier this month.

October 19, 2012

Dear Editor,

I am not going to fill out the questionnaire, but would like you to post my response. I am boycotting all Forums & and any Questionnaires for the following reasons. I truly believe that this election has been rigged by certain members of the City Council. Members like Gleam Davis & Terry O'Day.

These two Candidates seeking re-election are being endorsed by SMURF along with Shari Davis and Ted Winterer. Gleam Davis and Terry O'Day are also endorsed by the Santa Monica Renters Rights (SMRR). The combined war chest of these two come out to a total of $355,000: $175,000 by SMURF & 180,000 BY SMRR.

Also, I believe that the City Council members have also had an undue influence with Santa Monica Daily Press's decision to exclude 6 of the City Council Candidates on “Squirm Night.”

Also, huge amounts of mailers were sent out by SMURF (developer based) & SMRR (Renters based).

So, with a combination of having a monopoly of the Major city funding of these two organizations and the City Council's influence on the Santa Monica Daily Press what chance do other candidates have?

Zilch to nada.

What is left is the dregs. I have tried to warn the residents of Santa Monica of these three individuals: Gleam Davis, Terry O'Day and Shari Davis. I truly hope that the residents of this fine city do not allow these individuals to be elected come November 6. If these Candidates are voted in, the City will be pillaged the likes you have never witnessed before.

As it is they have exacted irreversible damage to the City with the present huge development that is responsible for the gridlock we experience everyday. And they will continue to do so if elected. There needs to be an investigation of all the City Council members, not that I suspect them all. All need to be included so not to give a claim of selective enforcement by the rest.

There is no way I will dignify this election by answering any questionnaires or attending any forums. This election definitely does not pass the smell test. I pray that the residents will see through the smooth talk, endorsements and cute mailers. The future of Santa Monica depends on a NO VOTE for these individuals come November 6th.

Thank You,

Roberto Gomez

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