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Trivializing Shriver's Victory

December 8, 2004

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter regarding an article which appeared in The Lookout the day after the election, "Patricia Hoffman: One on One." I deliberately waited a long period of time before responding in order to examine the final numbers in the election precinct by precinct. Bobby Shriver won in nearly every precinct outside of the Pico Neighborhood, where Maria Loya came in first.

In answer to the question, "Some polling showed you were going to be fighting with Councilman Michael Feinstein for the fourth City Council seat. Any idea what changed?" Ms. Hoffman responded "I don't think that there was ever a chance that I was going to knock out incumbents....[in the end] three incumbents actually won, plus a celebrity."

Ms. Hoffman's comment overlooks the reality that four incumbents were running for re-election; had she won, one of them would have been defeated! Why would she run for office if she didn't expect to outvote at least one incumbent?

Ms. Hoffman's characterization of him as a "celebrity" trivializes Shriver's significant and politically overwhelming victory. In fairness to Shriver, he won this election the old fashioned way. He worked hard and did not take anything for granted, including his family name and background.

Shriver canvassed every neighborhood, knocked on doors and engaged residents in one-on-one conversations. He had gatherings in peoples' homes to talk about their concerns, and earnestly dealt with the issues. Hard work won him this election, not his so-called celebrity.

Shriver won BIG and I expect big things from him. But he cannot do it alone. It will require an enlightened council to work with him and work together for the good of this city and its residents. Because I am familiar with the rest of the council members, I have confidence that will happen.


Annette Shamey

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