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The Dirt, Music and Playing Dirty

March 1, 2000

Dear Lookout:

HELP!! I don't know where to turn to answer a question posed by "The
Dirt." Lookout, can you help?? Have you taken anyone to lunch at a
German restaurant, yet?

Oh well, maybe you still can help by letting me answer "The Dirt's"
question! They asked why I was contradictory in statements made
regarding preferential parking. So, to help them out...the statement I
made at the City Council meeting was MY opinion. The statement made at
the Coastal Commission was in my role as Mayor Pro Tem representing the
City of Santa Monica and adopted policy.

So, I may not be as purely consistent as "The Dirt" but as Mayor Pro Tem
I am willing to undertake my responsibility to represent the City, in
public, even if the dual roles confuse some folks. (Hmmm...maybe "The
Dirt" wasn't so confused but wanted to make political hay out of it.)

So will there be sauerbraten for someone anytime soon??


Pam O'Connor
Mayor Pro Tem (who sometimes is just a gal with her own opinion!)

March 1, 2000

To all of whom are concerned:

I want to add my voice to those parents expressing dismay over proposed
music budget cuts. My two high school daughters play violin in the two SAMO
High Orchestras.

The music program was the reason that we bought our home in Santa Monica. We started off in a 600 sq. ft. house in Ocean Park because of music. After many years we were able to move into Sunset Park.

I teach at a very fine school in Los Angeles. I continued to keep my own children at Grant because of Santa Monica's commitment to music. I am a folk musician. Please do not damage a program that has drawn so many of us into the district. Thank you.

Dorice, Mary, Lara & Anya Kennerly

February 24, 2000

Dear Editor:

And now it comes to my attention that just recently there was a backroom
meeting between Fienstein, Bloom, McKeown, Quiones, Abdo, Zane, and
Brownley. Is this micromanaging?

WHERE ARE THE MINUTES FROM THIS MEETING? Or is it the intent of SMRR to "act like Republicans and do with deed without input from the affected parties"?

Will someone please notify the press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is time for the major political party in our community to tell the public
what its position is on the school crisis.

John Prindle
Santa Monica

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