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Artist Bruria Finkel highlights art shows in Santa Monica and LA . Ms. Finkel shares her picks of significant works that are a must see. A former Santa Monica arts commissioner and renowned artist, she is an important source of information and an ideal guide.
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The Possible: From the Personal to the Global

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With the Holidays upon us, there will be plenty of opportunities to purchase art and other gifts in Galleries at Bergamot Art Center. The two exhibitions I am recommending are a must see before they end December 5.


"Works from Rome," the third exhibition of works by the late California artist Lee Mullican, is on exhibit at Marc Selwyn Fine Art.

Along with Wolfgang Paalen and Gordon Onslow Ford, Mullican was known as a member of "the Dynaton." This group of artists, named after the Greek word for "the possible," acted as a bridge between the European Surrealist and American Abstract Expressionist schools.

Disbanding shortly after its seminal exhibition in 1951 at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Dynaton explored the subconscious mind, mysticism, automatism, and the influences of ancient cultures. Mullican remained true to these ideas but went on to develop his own highly personal imagery.

This exhibition will focus on one year Mullican spent in Rome with a studio located in a 16th century palazzo. With these works, he captured the sound of Rome -- traffic, car horns, speeding Vespas and birds at twilight. The staccato rhythm of the city appears predominantly in richly contrasted black, white and ivory with a few works in muted blues, oranges and yellows.

Marc Selwyn Fine Art
Oct. 30 - Dec. 5, 2009
Regular hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
6222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 101,
Los Angeles, California 90048
Telephone: (323) 933-9911


"US Future States: An Atlas of Global Imperialism," a solo exhibition of works by artist Dan Mills
began as a visual/text exercise in early March 2003 that took place between the US war with Afghanistan and the beginning of the invasion of Iraq.

In this bitingly satirical series of works on paper Mills discovered "that by conceptually pushing this global stance a little further, it was possible to justify taking over almost any country." So he did. In these 35 works, the US of America (USA) expands with the US Global (USG) and morphs into US Empire (USE).

The exhibition is presented in conjunction with the release of the AMERICAN EDITION of US Future States ATLAS published by Perceval Press.

Sherry Frumkin Gallery
Sept. 12 - Dec. 5, 2009
3026 Airport Ave
Santa Monica CA 90405
Telephone: (310) 397-7493

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