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City Council Candidate Questionnaire

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Oscar de la Torre

Oscar de la Torre was first elected to the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board in 2002 and was reelected in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. He is backed by Santa Monicans for Change, the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC) and TEAMSTERS Local 396. This questionnaire was sent to incumbents and challengers endorsed by at least one group that spends money to back Council candidates.

1. Should Santa Monica try to build the 8,874 new housing units by 2028 mandated by SCAG?

No. Santa Monica should not shoulder the burden for the region and we should push back on over-development.

2. The Plaza project should be
a) approved
b) changed
c) rejected

Rejected. Public land should be for public use. Let the residents decide on the options.

3. The City needs more major developments to help balance the budget?

No. We need responsible development.

4. The Council should have delayed voting on the Miramar project until after the election.


5. When it comes to hotel developments, the City Council has consistently sided with Unite HERE Local 11.


6. Is Santa Monica's City government racist?

Yes. The current City Council has supported racism. Ignores the racist mural at City Hall, de funded the Pico Youth and Family Center (PYFC), funded the Police Activities League (PAL), ignores methane at Gandara Park, lacks diversity in Commission appointments, has no senior staff of color in the Planning Department, promotes gentrification, spends millions of dollars to fight minority voting rights and uses COINTELPRO tactics to divide POC to silence and marginalize critical voices.

7. Should the police budget be reduced?

No. We need a new public safety plan that addresses our current needs. Mobile and interdisciplinary teams of police and social workers are needed.

8. If coronavirus cases spike, should the City order another economic shutdown?

No. Unless our public health professionals order a shutdown but I think we can implement new safety protocols and keep low risk businesses open.

9. Santa Monica is one of the few Southern California cities to issue fines for not wearing a face mask. Do you support that policy?


10. The budget cutbacks forced by the coronavirus shutdown were the inevitable result of the City's decades' long spending spree.

True. The current City Council incumbents have mismanaged our tax dollars. Child abuse settlements, high salaries and vanity projects.

11. City workers are paid too much.

True. Not the front line workers, but there are too many City Attorneys and top administrators making over $250k.

12. Unions wield too much power over the City Council.

False. Not all unions are the same. The Police Officers Association (POA) never supported the working class unions.

13. Do you feel safe in Santa Monica when it comes to crime?

No. The current City Councilmembers have damaged our public safety and May 31 cemented the idea that people can get away with crime here.

14. The City Council is doing enough to make public parks safer for families.

False. Families are being pushed out of SM. We need to protect our families.

15. Santa Monica is doing a good job addressing homelessness.

False. A major fail! They have attracted more of the problem and have enabled bad behavior endangering our lives.

16. Who is responsible for the Police Department's response to the May 31 riots?a) The Police Chief
b) The City Manager
c) The City Council
d) All of the above

All of the above. SM needs new leadership!

17. The police used excessive force against protesters.

True. A few rubber bullets and some tear gas on the looters and we could have saved our City.

18. Should Santa Monica switch from an at-large election system to districts?

Yes. The current al large election scheme protects the legacy of exclusion and hurts our democracy by making it more expensive to run for office.

19. Despite caps on individual contributions, money remains the biggest factor in winning an election.

True. Just look at all the PAC money that developers put into elections.

20. Do you think Councilmembers are transparent when they disclose their personal and political finances?

No. All kinds of conflicts at all levels. It's what happens when you keep re electing people who put profit above people.

21. Was the $77 million "uber-Green" City Hall annex a good investment?

No. A vanity project for overly paid City staff. We need affordable housing, support for public safety and effective homelessness programs.

22. The City spends too much money fighting climate change.

True. We need to balance our needs better. Right now we have to invest in curing the miserable condition on our streets.

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