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County Supervisors Give Go-ahead for 'Safe Clean Water Program'


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By Lookout Staff

July 18, 2018 -- The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors signed off Tuesday on a program that would boost the local water supply and improve water quality.

The "Safe Clean Water Program" -- which would be funded by a parcel tax on the November ballot -- includes projects and programs that "capture, clean, and conserve stormwater," Board officials said in a statement.

County officials estimate that 100 billion gallons of water run off into the the ocean every year.

“We have to get water-wise," said Board Chair Sheila Kuehl, who represents Santa Monica. "Extreme weather is our new normal and recurring cycles of drought are a reality.

"We need smarter ways to capture, clean and store stormwater, so we can increase our local water supply, clean that water, and save it for future use.”

In addition to boosting water supplies and improving water quality, the program would protect marine life and add "much-needed" green space to local communities, the Board said.

The parcel tax that will go before voters November 6 is expected to raise an estimated $300 million per year.

The 2.5 cent tax would only apply to impermeable areas such as concrete roofs and sidewalks, County officials said.

The program was outlined in a letter to the Board from the LA County Department of Public Works.

Among those who have expressed support for the plan are "a diverse group of elected, business, public health and environmental leaders as well as firefighters," the Board said.


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