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By Lookout Staff

September 16, 2016 -- The Santa Monica College and Santa Monica-Malibu School boards will hold a second annual special joint meeting on Tuesday to gauge the progress of mutual goals established a year ago.

The public meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at the SMC Bundy Campus (Room 121), 3171 S. Bundy Drive in Los Angeles. It comes one year after the board's first met last September 17.

"During this special meeting, the members of the two governing boards will discuss their progress towards meeting mutual data-driven goals set (last year) to ensure that SMMUSD students have access to higher education at SMC and to increase their likelihood of success," College officials wrote in a statement Thursday.

The SMMUSD Board of Education also will consider a memorandum of understanding between the two institutions that, under the College and Career Access Pathways Act, "expands access to concurrent enrollment opportunities for high school students," officials said.

In addition, SMC officials will provide an update on the development of the new SMC Malibu campus, as well as a report on potential new joint use facility projects ("Coastal Commission OKs Santa Monica College’s Malibu Campus Plans," June 13, 2016).

“We hope to make a great impact on helping students understand how to be ready for college, and to ensure that they have the opportunities and support they need to succeed," said Louise Jaffe, Chair of the Santa Monica College (SMC) Board of Trustees.

“We are thrilled to have a collaborative partnership with SMC, which benefits all students in our community,” said Laurie Lieberman, President of the SMMUSD Board of Education. “SMMUSD students are fortunate to have such a wonderful institution of higher learning close by to attend concurrently and after graduation.”

The collaboration stems from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the two governing bodies in 2007 that, among other things, created joint programs and established objectives, college officials said.

The key elements of the MOU include the dual enrollment program, summer programs for high school students, shared use of facilities and the collaboration and articulation of career and technical education programs, officials said.

A result of the collaboration is the Young Collegians program, which allows an increasing number of SMMUSD students to get a head start on SMC classes and accrue as many as 14 college units. The program has grown from 15 students nine years ago to more than 65 students.

Last year, the College Board waived enrollment fees for high school students, allowing those who qualify to take classes for free.

"SMC also offers media and computer science classes at Santa Monica High School and Malibu High School under the LA HI-TECH grant to bring interested high school students into a higher education pathway at SMC that will lead to tech jobs," college officials said.

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