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Santa Monica Peace Activist Plans Fast to Oppose Green Party HOME ad for NO on LV Initiative link

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By Jonathan Friedman
Associate Editor

October 7, 2016 -- Jerry Rubin has a better attendance record for Santa Monica government meetings than many elected and appointed officials.

And when he’s not at a government meeting, you can likely find him on the Third Street Promenade manning his table (currently dubbed the Dump Trump Table) selling political bumper stickers and giving away peace sign hand stamps.

Or you might even catch him at a meeting of the Activist Support Circle, which Rubin formed in 2005.

Another thing Rubin is famous for are his protest fasts. And he has a new one planned called “Be Green, Not Mean” to encourage Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein "to modify her campaign in the swing states so as not to be a spoiler," according to a press release.

"I wholeheartedly agree with Bernie Sanders and many other progressives that this is NOT A TIME for a protest vote,” wrote Rubin in a Facebook post using all capital letters in the words he wanted to stress.

He continued, “So very much is at stake! We must NOT PERMIT Donald Trump to be elected president for so very many important reasons! We MUST UNIFY AND VOTE to elect Hillary Clinton!”

Rubin said it would not be a hunger strike. He planned to consume liquids, vitamins and minerals.

“If my health feels compromised, I will end the fast,” Rubin wrote.

Rubin did a similar fast in 2004 to encourage Ralph Nader not to be a spoiler in that year’s presidential election.

Nader ran as an independent candidate in 2004, four years after many people alleged he had played spoiler as the Green Party candidate by taking enough votes away from Democrat Al Gore to give the victory to Republican George Bush.

In 2004 Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb encouraged supporters to vote for him if they lived in states like California where the outcome of the election was certain. But he told people living in “swing states” to vote for Democrat John Kerry.

That appears to be the policy Rubin is supporting with his fast.

Rubin’s fasting goes back to one he did in 1981 to protest the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in San Luis Obispo. Over the years, he has done at least one a year to address various causes.

The Lookout profiled Rubin three months shy of his 70th birthday in 2013 about his many years as an activist and faster ("Santa Monica Peace Activist Still Going Strong at 70," September 9, 2013).

At the time he was limiting his diet to only liquids for 100 days as a way to reflect on his seven decades of life. He described himself as "a pessimist trying to work on becoming an optimist."

Rubin told The Lookout about his view on the world, "I just wanna see things get better. It seems like it should be easier."

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