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Innovative County Water Plan to be Showcased at Santa Monica Pico Library

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By Lookout Staff

February 2, 2016 -- Southern California imports 80 percent of its water from outside the region, making it critical for cities to better manage the available water supply, LA County officials have said.

To achieve this, LA County has released a roadmap, known as Matrix 2.0, that provides guidelines to increase water use and reuse, eliminate more polluted runoff and relieve the region's dwindling water supplies.

The plan will be presented at a public meeting Tuesday, February 16 from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Pico Branch Library at Virginia Avenue Park, 2201 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica.

"In a time of severe drought, creating the next generation of water reuse projects is critical," LA County officials said. These projects include "more decentralized water supply systems to promote water self-sufficiency and sustainability, and to reduce potable water use."

Matrix 2.0 sets streamlined guidelines for the use of non-potable water, which is water not intended for drinking, that has been collected and treated for on-site use. Traaditional potable water sources include graywater from buildings that exludes water from toilets, rainwater and stormwater.

The guidelines -- which build on the original Matrix released in 2011 -- "are a first of their kind for L.A. County, and possibly across the state of California," officials said.

While the original Matrix focused only on the outdoor uses of rainwater, stormwater and dry weather runoff, the new guidelines include blackwater from toilets, cooling tower blow-down water drained from cooling equipment, and water produced by condensation and foundation drainage.

The meeting will include a tour of the Pico Branch Library's award-winning cistern project, which harvests and filters rainwater for use in the restrooms, officials said. Presenters also will refer to several other innovative public works.

Among the scheduled speakers are Santa Monica Mayor Tony Vazquez; John Kemmerer who represents the U.S. EPA in the Pacific Southwest; LA Regional Water Quality Control Board member Samuel Unger; Andy Lipkis of TreePeople, and Terri Williams of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. A representative of the City of LA's Bureau of Sanitation also will be present, organizers said.

This event sponsored by the LA County Department of Public Health, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment, TreePeople, Heal the Bay and Natural Resources Defense Council.

Organizers encouraage walking, bicycling and riding the Big Blue Bus line 7 or Rapid 7 to the event. Parking at Virginia Avenue Park is available at either 2201 Pico Boulevard, or around the corner at 2200 Virginia Avenue.

All parks are wheelchair accessible and welcome persons of all abilities. For special accommodations, please contact 310.458.8688 or TTY 310.458.8696.
To attend the event, Please RSVP to Julie Du Brow,, or 310-922-1301.

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