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Santa Monica Mayor Poised to Head to Sacramento After Latest Vote Count

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By Jason Islas
Staff Writer

November 29, 2012 -- With the Los Angeles County Registrar expected to certify the results of the November 6 election Friday -- ahead of the December 3 deadline -- Mayor Richard Bloom is poised to become the first Santa Monica Council member to make the leap to State politics.

Bloom now leads incumbent Assembly member Betsy Butler, who represents Assembly District 53, by 1,246 votes as of Wednesday, up from an 888 vote lead Monday, according to the most recent vote count.

But with only about 16,000 votes to tally county-wide, it is likely Bloom will be sworn in as the new representative of the California State Assembly's 50th District Monday.

“We believe I am assured to be sworn in as the next representative for the 50th Assembly District,” Bloom said in an official statement Wednesday.

“With a lead of 1,246 votes, and a relative few votes left to count, results should be certified on Friday, November 30,” he said.

It is unclear exactly how many votes remain to be counted in the district, but Assembly District 50 accounts for approximately 7.5 percent of the county.

“We are counting provisional ballots and any ballots that had to be remade because they were damaged,” said a spokesperson for the Registrar, referring to the remaing ballots.

So far, in the race to represent Assembly District 50, over 180,000 votes have been counted and according to the Registrar's Office, there are over 298,000 registered voters in the district -- which includes Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and West Hollywood.

Though Bloom has remained ahead Butler since the November 6 election, the race has been a close one. On November 20, the County reported that Bloom was a mere 79 votes ahead of Butler.

Since then, Bloom has only increased his lead, first to 439 votes, then to 888 votes on Monday.

“Robbie and I are elated and grateful for this opportunity given to me by the voters of the 50th District,” Bloom said.

Butler was unavailable for comment.

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