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Former Santa Monica Private School Director Sued for Misuse of Funds  

By Lookout Staff

April 11, 2011 -- Susan Packer Davis, former director of Concord International High School in Santa Monica and a former member of the Rent Control Board, has been named in a lawsuit alleging that she misused the private school's funds, driving it into bankruptcy, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The suit filed Friday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court also named her husband, Eric Hille, and her son, Alexander Davis, alleging that they were put on the payroll and that Parker Davis used school funds to pay for her personal expenses and for her son's rent, according to a report in the Times Sunday edition

Packer Davis, who resigned in November after heading the school for more than ten years, is alleged to have misused more than $1 million in funds. The attorney for Cypress LLP, which brought the suit against her, was quoted in the news report as saying she used the school's monies like “her personal bank account.”

Public tax records list Packer Davis and Hille as the only members of the school's board of directors, and indicate that she received a $308,000 salary in 2009, and over a period of three years, spent more than $700,000 for “conferences, conventions and meetings,” according to the Times.

The school's teachers and parents are trying to finish out the year, maintaining the school's accreditation under the new name Concord Prep, holding classes at the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club, the news report said.


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