Last day to register to vote is October 18, 2010
State and local elections are November 2, 2010

WHAT I SAY -- The 2010 Election: the Local Propositions
In Santa Monica voters will elect In addition, they will vote on local and State measures.

WHAT I SAY -- Election Matrix by Frank Gruber
How the City Council voted on key issues during the past two years.

CityTV Launches VOTE 2010 Election Programming Line-up and SMVOTE.ORG Website for Santa Monica Voters MoreOffice of the City Clerk 

League of Women Voters® of Santa Monica

All Statewide Ballot Measures for the Upcoming Election

City's website - Impartial Analysis, Proposition Text and Arguments and Rebuttals

The Lookout News coverage

Members to the City Council, 4-year term -- QUALIFIED CANDIDATES

Jerry Rubin

Daniel Cody
Software Alliance Professional

Ted Winterer
Planning Commissioner/Writer

Pam O'Connor
Councilmember/Urban Planner

Terence Later
Entertainment Consultant

Bob Holbrook
Santa Monica Councilmember/ Pharmacist

Linda Armstrong
Data Entry Operator

Jon Louis Mann

Jean McNeil Wyner
Community Liaison

Kevin McKeown
Councilmember/Education Consultant

Members to the City Council, 2-year term -- QUALIFIED CANDIDATES
David Ganezer
Local Newspaper Publisher
Robert Kronovet
Santa Monica Rent Board Commissioner
Gleam Olivia Davis
Appointed Santa Monica Councilmember
Susan Hartley
Employee/Tenant Attorney
Terry O'Day
Appointed Councilmember/ Environmentalist
Members to the School Board

Barry A. Snell School Board President

Chris Bley Teacher

Jake Wachtel Producer

Laurie Lieberman Community Volunteer

Nimish Patel
Small Business Owner

Oscar de la Torre
School Board Member

Patrick Cady
Retired Teacher/Coach

Ralph Mechur
School Board Member

Members to the Rent Control Board -- 4-year term

Bill Winslow
Trust Lawyer

Marilyn Korade

Todd Flora
Corporate Responsibility Manager
In addition, they will vote on three ballot measures

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