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Student Math Video Wins Rave Reviews

By Lookout Staff

October 30 -- If you think the only way to get your video aired is to sing, think again and do the arithmetic.

That’s what math teacher Eric Marcos’ a sixth grade class at Lincoln Middle School did, and their video showing the process of solving a proportion math problem is winning rave reviews.

The video was shown during a sold-out keynote address by an internationally recognized leader in education technology at the Los Angeles County “21st Century Learners Symposium” in Pasadena on October 19, 2007, District officials announced Monday.

“It’s exciting to see this student creation get recognized,” Marcos said. “As with all math video lessons we make, this one was unrehearsed and unscripted. With no prior training or coaching, the student in the video was a natural.”

Keynote speaker Alan November last year had held workshops for the School Board and educators illustrating the numerous ways technology “could be integrated appropriately and effectively into lesson delivery,” Distract officials said in a statement.

Now the company that creates the video software that the students used wants to feature Marcos in an upcoming newsletter and use his videos in conferences and travel shows, officials said.

“Mr. Marcos is a wonderful example of a Technology Trailblazer in our school district,” said Superintendent Dianne Talarico. “His creative use of technology engages the students and allows them to take an active part in their own learning.

“Such methods of teaching and integration of technology not only increase content retention, but also make the learning process fun for students,” Talarico said.

Marcos will be helping the district to better integrate technology into the classroom, Talarico said. The district’s goal is to increase the use of technology by 35 percent this year.

“Mr. Marcos and his math classes are further evidence that SMMUSD is a World Class Public School system,” the superintendent said.

For an example of the student-created math videos visit http://www.mathtrain.com.

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"With no prior training or coaching, the student in the video was a natural.” Eric Marcos


"Such methods of teaching. . . make the learning process fun for students.” Dianne Talarico



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