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Key Features of the Olympic-Pico One-way Corridor

  • Olympic Boulevard east-bound (towards Downtown) and Pico Boulevard west-bound (towards Santa Monica) – setting up a clock-wise circulation pattern.
  • Each arterial would be stripped for a minimum of 7 lanes, with 5 lanes in the “main” direction and 2 lanes in the “contra-flow” direction.
  • During weekday peak hours – the “contra-flow” lanes would be exclusively for buses and van-pools. During all other times (including all day on weekends) the “contra-flow” lane would be open to parking and local mixed flow traffic. In the “contra-flow lane, mixed flow traffic (buses excepted) would be required to make right turns at designated locations.
  • The “main” direction traffic lanes are open to mixed flow traffic, which includes automobiles, buses and van-pools.
  • Parking is prohibited on both sides of each of the arterials only during the peak hours. During all other times (including all day on weekends) parking is allowed on both sides of the arterials.
  • Left turns are prohibited from the “main” direction traffic lanes only during peak hours. Left turns are prohibited from the “contra-flow” lanes at all times.
  • Emergency vehicles have access to both “main” direction and “contra-flow” lanes at all times.







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