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LA Council Backs Airport Bill

By Lookout Staff

August 15 -- The Los Angeles City Council Tuesday voted to endorse a State bill to measure alleged pollution and its effect on neighbors surrounding Santa Monica Airport.

Sponsored by State Assembly members Ted Lieu and Julia Brownley, Bill 700 would create a technical advisory committee to analyze pertinent studies and advise on how to mitigate the impacts of air pollution around the airport.

"I am delighted," said LA Council member Bill Rosendahl, who represents the residents surrounding the airport. "This vote sends a clear message to Sacramento that we must mitigate the air pollution impacts from Santa Monica Airport.

“I look forward to the State Senate moving forward on this very important bill," he said.

Next week, the Senate Appropriations Committee is scheduled to take up the bill -- nearly a year after a controversial measure that singled out Santa Monica airport to keep tabs on jet traffic died in the state legislature.

That bill, AB 2501, was opposed by Santa Monica and former Assembly member Fran Pavely, because it targeted the Santa Monica airport and funding was not specified in the bill.

This year, Lieu's office has met twice with representatives from newly elected Assembly member Julia Brownley's office, Senator Sheila Kuehl, Los Angeles Council member Bill Rosendahl and City officials to come up with a joint plan.







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