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“Pedophile” Ordered to Stay Away from Minors

By Lookout Staff

August 6 -- Jack McClellan -- a self-described pedophile photographed in Santa Monica by police -- was ordered by a judge Friday to stay at least 30 feet away from anyone in California under the age of 18.

The sweeping order issued by Superior Court Judge Melvin Sandvig prohibits McClellan from following, stalking or hitting a minor or loitering around a minor.

The order also bars McClellan -- who photographs young girls in public settings and posts the pictures on the Internet -- from doing so without parental consent.

Anthony Zinnanti, one of the two Santa Clarita attorneys who obtained the temporary restraining order, served McClellan at LAX, where he had boarded a flight to Chicago for a scheduled television appearance, according to press reports.

"He was on an airplane and we managed to get him off the airplane and jam him with it," Zinnanti told the Washington Post by telephone from the airport. According to the report, McClellan “accepted the order nonchalantly and got back on the plane.”

McClellan, who said he did not find out about the court hearing in time to attend, told the Associated Press that the court order was an unconstitutional restriction of his rights.

The judge scheduled an August 24 hearing at the Chatsworth courthouse to further discuss the matter.

McClellan, who drove to the Los Angeles area after angry parents and intense media scrutiny drove him from Washington State, was spotted at the Santa Monica Main Library nearly two weeks ago.

His picture was taken by police at a local Taco Bell and posted in The Lookout. (see story)

McClellan, who is not a registered sexual offender and is not wanted in connection with any crime, ironically objected to his picture being circulated.

Since arriving in Southern California, McClellan, who is unemployed and lives in his car, has triggered a furor across the region.

Parents have posted sightings on the Web and reported his whereabouts to police.

This weekend, McClellan told AP that he would never actually molest a child and that his intentions have been misunderstood.

"I guess there is some small chance maybe someday I might be able to get some sort of friendship with a girl and maybe then I might worry would I cross the line," he said. "But right now, no. There's no doubt in my mind I wouldn't."







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