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Creole and Western Soul at the Pier Thursday Night

A queen and two brothers bring the infectious rhythms of Zydeco and Western Soul to the Santa Monica Pier during a free concert Thursday night.

The First Lady of Louisiana music, Queen Ida Guillory blends into her Creole traditions blues, Cajun and Caribbean influences. The Grammy winning Queen Ida is the first female accordion player to lead her own Zydeco band and has toured all over the world as an ambassador for Creole culture.

Every show performed by Queen Ida is a celebration. Born in Creole country in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Ida Guillory grew up learning the lullabies and Mardi Gras songs of the primarily French-speaking community.

After marrying and moving to San Francisco, she put aside the accordion to raise a family and drove a school bus for a living. As her children grew she started sitting in with her brother Al Rapone’s band for a few performances. A writer for the San Francisco Chronicle who was covering one such event dubbed her "Queen Ida", and she became the first female accordion player to lead a zydeco band.

Since then she has won a Grammy, toured throughout the United States as well as Japan, Africa, Australia and New Zealand; and appeared in numerous television shows and the feature film Rumblefish. She favors a 31-button accordion and is noted for her melodic, treble-based playing. Though grounded in Creole traditions, her music has Cajun, Caribbean and Blues influences.

The Hacienda Brothers, led by cult heroes Chris Gaffney and Dave Gonzalez, introduced their wood-smoked blend of stone country and old-school R&B on their self-titled 2005 debut album, helmed by legendary writer/producer Dan Penn.

The record was made in Tucson, where both of the principals, who now reside in Southern California, have roots, so people took to describing thegroup’s sound as “Western Soul.”

The Santa Monica Pier is located at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica. The Pier strongly recommends walking, biking and using mass transit to get to the concerts as parking near the Pier is limited. The concerts will offer free valet bike parking to our patrons at the western entrance to the shows.

For those who insist on driving, parking is available in beach parking lots located at 2030 Barnard Way and 1550 PCH, both accessible off Ocean Avenue south of the Pier. The 2030 lot is a short walk up the beach path from the Pier.

For bus information, please visit www.bigbluebus.com and www.MTA.net or call 310-451-5444.

For more information about the concerts, visit www.twilightdance.org or call the Pier information line at 310-458-8900.










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