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In Their Own Words: SMRR Candidates

Santa Monicans for Rentersí Rights, which has controlled local politics for the better part of 25 years, faces its stiffest challenge in a decade.

After a stormy convention in August, two incumbents and two challengers emerged on the tenant groupís slate, which guarantees the candidates the backing of a well-oiled political machine and the votes of thousands of rent control tenants.

But while the SMRR candidates appear together on a series of election mailers and share the same values, they are not in lock step when it comes to some of the major issues facing the city, as the results of the survey below illustrates.

This election season, The Lookout asked candidates to answer a series of questions devised to avoid pat answers. They range from short questions about likes and dislikes to multiple choice questions geared to pin down a candidate's position on important, complex issues.

It also asked candidates how they would have voted on a series of key items the City Council took positions on over the past two years.

This second installment provides the answers from SMRR-endorsed candidates Richard Bloom, Ken Genser, Patricia Hoffman and Maria Loya.

Richard Bloom Ken Genser
Patricia Hoffman Maria Loya





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