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In Their Own Words: Chamber Candidates

The four candidates endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce don't make up your typical political slate.

They likely won't appear together on mailers, since the chamber does not plan to launch a concerted campaign, opting instead to urge its members to contribute to the individual candidates.

When two of the candidates recently appeared on a mailer sent out by an independent committee, it stirred controversy, with challenger Bobby Shriver distancing himself from a fellow chamber hopeful so as not to alienate his liberal voter base.

And while the chamber candidates generally agree on key issues - the homeless, a City Hall bureaucracy tangled in red tape, traffic - they often disagree on specifics, as the results of the survey below illustrates.

This election season, The Lookout asked candidates to answer a series of questions devised to avoid pat answers. They range from short questions about likes and dislikes to multiple choice questions geared to pin down a candidate's position on important, complex issues.

It also asked candidates how they would have voted on a series of key items the City Council took positions on over the past two years.

This three-part installment begins with the answers from chamber-endorsed candidates Herk Katz, Matteo Dinolfo, Kathryn Morea and Bobby Shriver.

Matteo Dinolfo Herb Katz
Bobby Shriver Kathryn Morea





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