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LETTERS -- "Worker Protections" Resulted From Backroom Deals

Dear Editor,

Protecting workers is a worthy goal. But when so-called worker "protections" originate from backroom dealing between the City Council, Unite Here Local 11, and a Council-appointed commission, citizens should be skeptical of both the ends and the means.

On Tuesday, the Santa Monica City Council will discuss “a request from the Commission on the Status of Women regarding protections for hotel workers.”

The Lookout reported last week on the highly-unusual route this request took to the Council's agenda ("Union Backed Proposal Takes Unusual Route to Council Agenda," October 19, 2018).

It hasn't been vetted by City staff or other independent experts; rather, emails obtained through a public records request show that the Commission’s recommendations came directly from a demand memo authored by Local 11.

In one email, Commissioner Madeline Brand explained that the Council and union wanted the Commission to "work quickly to get something to them requesting they take action on the issues outlined in the document [provided by Local 11]."

Even the phrase used by the Commission to describe the legislation -- "common sense" -- was suggested by the union.

Santa Monica has plenty of problems right now: crime, homelessness, and the apparent mishandling of "alleged child molestation" by a City employee.

Perhaps the City should deal with this growing list of issues first, before looking for other union-inspired "problems" to solve.

Charlyce Bozzello
Communications manager
Center for Union Facts

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