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LETTERS -- Former Rent Control Board Member Urges City to Adopt Voting Districts

December 14, 2017

Dear Editor,

Certainly politics and war make strange bed fellows ("Leader of State Democratic Party's African American Caucus Urges Santa Monica to Stop Fighting Voting Rights Lawsuit," December 13, 2017).

As the only elected Santa Monica Republican in nearly two decades, I stand completely with Darren W. Parker, chair of the African American Caucus of the California Democratic Party, in urging the City to voluntarily adopt a by-district voting system that divides the Santa Monica into several districts.

Clearly my opponents at Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights (SMRR) will be completely against that considering they have an iron grip on the city.

Why else would elected officials oppose district elections? Only one reason -- power, pure power.

Clearly, SMRR and its back door cronies are as corrupted as any officials across the country. Some of them enjoy salaries from the the school district, some work for the other government agencies. One is being investigated for steering business to companies that employ her husband ("SMMUSD Probes School Board Member Maria Leon-Vazquez Over Votes for Contractors Who Employed Husband," November 14, 2017).

The City Council spends millions fighting for global issues, instead of focusing on the needs of our residents, a behavior that is beyond outrageous.

I stand with the leader of the African American Caucus and urge to City of Santa Monica to adapt district elections, but I know these men and women will never do it outside of a court order.

After wasting millions of our hard-earned tax dollars fighting a losing cause, there is one other solution -- to vote new members into office in every single position from City Council to School Board to Rent Control Board.

Happy holidays and best of luck to us.

God Bless America,

Robert Kronovet
Commissioner Santa Monica Rent Board 2008-2012

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