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Santa Monica Airport Hindered Efforts to Fight Skirball Fire

December 12, 2017

Dear Editor,

It was very disappointing to read the article titled "Santa Monica Airport Tower Plays 'Critical' Role in Fire Fighting Efforts, Aviation Group says," December 8, 2017.

At least you admitted that this proclaimed critical role was just claims of an Aviation Group but maybe you should have investigated their information for truthfulness.

While the Skirball fire was out of control on Wednesday morning, as stated on the KTLA news, regular air traffic to and from Santa Monica airport needed to be redirected so that it didn't hinder the efforts to fight the fire from the air.

It's not surprising that this pro Santa Monica airport group neglected to mention the fact that Santa Monica airport traffic actually hindered the efforts to fight the fire.

Also interesting to point out that that same group consistently claims that the Santa Monica airport is critical during emergencies for emergency responder air traffic. Not the case in this emergency.

Karen Melick
Santa Monica

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