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How to Get Santa Monicans Out of Their Cars

March 10, 2017

Dear Editor

This is a response to the article entitled "Study Finds Santa Monica Residents Still Sticking to Cars."

As Santa Monica residents become more affluent, the city will find it increasingly difficult to convince residents to shift from using their car to an alternative transportation mode.

For this shift to really occur, the city has but three options to ease congestion and pollution associated with the automobile. The goals of these options is to allow the alternative transportation modes to be more competitive with the car.

The first option is to raise city taxes to fund a more attractive and useful public transportation system.

The second option is to make it more expensive to use one's car, by adding high user fees to roads and/or parking.

The last option, the most extreme, would be to ration road use, making it illegal to drive more than a fixed amount per week.

Short of these options, the city's attempt to ease automobile congestion and pollution is a fool's errand.

Ray Shah
Culver City, CA

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