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League Calls for Civility During Heated Local Elections

October 26, 2016

Dear Editor,

As I watched the third and final Presidential debate, I couldn’t help but reflect on the level of incivility and division in this year’s presidential campaign. And I also couldn’t help reflecting on how that incivility and division is reflected in our local elections this year.

There is broad agreement that the many serious issues facing Santa Monica need addressing. There is no argument about that.

The League of Women Voters of Santa Monica welcomes robust discussion and debate on these issues. We are people of involvement: We understand that democracy is a participatory sport.

A new Zogby Survey on Civility in U.S. Politics, commissioned by Allegheny College, found that the uncivil behavior that has marked the presidential campaign appears to be numbing the electorate. After reviewing the survey, the college president went on to say that “These findings are stunning and deeply disturbing for everyone who believes civil discourse is essential to the long-term health of our democracy.”

Let’s all remember that reasonable people can disagree and should be able to debate issues civilly. We will still be Santa Monicans on November 9. We will still be neighbors.

Barbara Inatsugu
League of Women Voters of Santa Monica


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