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Closing Santa Monica Airport Puts Westside in "Jeopardy"

October 5, 2016

Dear Editor,

I find it alarming the level of untruths Santa Monica’s City officials will tell in their effort to rationalize their illicit actions aimed at strangling and/or closing the airport ("Health Protected by Eviction of Airport Tenant, Santa Monica Official Says," October 3, 2016).

Nelson Hernandez (senior advisor to the City Manager on Airport Affairs) raises the issue of “Safety of residents” yet neglects to include the fact that closure of the only two providers of fuel at the airport would in itself put everyone in not just Santa Monica but the entire west side of L.A. in jeopardy, serious jeopardy.

Santa Monica airport is the staging and jumping off point for virtually every community’s emergency evacuation and disaster relief plan of action on the west side of Los Angeles. It is from this vital airport that almost all search and rescue efforts, resupply efforts and other emergency services will base, in the event of a major quake or other disaster.

Nelson Hernandez neglects to offer any sort of plan by the City of Santa Monica to fill the void in these emergency plans that closure of the airport would assuredly cause. Why? Simple: Safety is not the problem.

If we are going to talk about safety, let's talk about the whole picture and not just the little piece of the puzzle that Nelson Hernandez wishes to speak on. I think most folks with even one shred of common sense will understand a couple things:

1. It's not a genuine safety issue.

2. The highways are far more dangerous and polluting than this little airport ever could hope to be.

There are roughly seven residents who are at the foundation of the anti-airport movement in Santa Monica. Unfortunately, they are also the only real political activists the City really has, so the City Council members are afraid to anger them for fear of losing the next election.

Santa Monica Airport is an integral part of the national airspace system, a reliever for LAX and the jumping off point for emergency plans affecting hundreds of thousands of people in Los Angeles.

The City of Santa Monica is not going to succeed in closing the airport now or ever, and no amount of rationalization is going to change these facts.

Chris Thrasher

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