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Clarifying City Official's Take on Measure BB

Dear Editor,

Thank you for covering the Topping Out event at Samohi Monday. ("Construction Crews “Top Out ” Santa Monica High School's Newest Building," February 12, 2013)

I wanted to clarify my comments, which probably were hard to follow if readers don't have the background information. I was the PTSA President at the time (2007) as well as a member of the BB Committee.

When the recommendations for project funding came out, the Samohi community rallied and asked the School Board for a higher level of funding for Samohi, given the needs of the campus. The BB Committee supported the increased funding request.

Measure BB is a school bond measure and did not involve the City of Santa Monica.

I was a former City employee at that time, having served as Pier Manager and then Beach Manager before retiring in 2000. I returned to work for the City in 2009 on a part-time basis and serve as Beach Administrator.

Judith Meister

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