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Obama’s Economic Genius and Geniuses

By Kip Dellinger

The Democrats have taken the same approach to shoving the Economic Stimulus, strike that, “Spending” program through Congress in the face of principled opposition that the Republicans are accused of taking with regard to depriving people of their civil rights after 9/11. Like brutal bullies they forced the Bill on the American public without reasoned debate or thoughtful analysis.

Obama, for his part, allowed this to happen because he has never, not once in his entire career, bucked the Left in his own Party – not in Chicago, not in Illinois, not in the U.S. Senate. And now, not while serving as lackey to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Oliver Hardy to Chris Dodd’s Stan Laurel, while he demonstrates that his ability to “lead” his own party is as absent as it was before he served about 54 days in the U.S. Senate.

Now we have Obama’s plan to save housing in the United States. It’s a doozy. You see, Obama wants you current homeowners that borrowed and even refinanced “responsibly” to give your future earnings – or the earnings of your children – to homeowners who behaved very irresponsibly in buying more house that they ever could afford or those who refinanced to throw themselves a big spending spree so that those owners can keep their homes. It’s a “homes for free” for those that can’t afford it paid for by those who already own homes.

In other words, responsible people get to buy their home and one for a stranger. It’ll probably be fine with all the rich liberals that populate Santa Monica. Some of the struggling types might find it less enjoyable – but “hey,” we now understand what “spread the wealth around” means. And we can see that Obama didn’t mean he’d only raise taxes on those earning over $250,000; what he meant is that he would hide other increases in incomprehensible economic policies.

The purchase of that stranger’s home will come in the form of higher taxes for you to pay off Obama’s spending spree or, more likely, your children will be impoverished by high taxes, and either debilitating inflation or outrageous interest rates to avoid inflation.

Santa Monica is, of course, full of folks that hammer away at others to spend and spend and spend on “our children” – but they demonstrate their ignorance, or lack of concern for our children’s future by voting for those – think Julia Brownley, for example, or Bill Rosendahl, as another – that endorse spending policies that effectively tax our children into oblivion someday – or the productive one will move to greener pastures and leave California a financial wasteland.

Look at all he’s managed to accomplish in two weeks: Nominees and appointees that are tax cheats. Nominees that are lobbyists or married to one despite Obama’s “no lobbyists” promise. An Attorney General that enabled a tax cheater to receive a pardon and who defends some of the vilest terrorists on the planet. A spending bill that is not only incoherent but isn’t stimulus. The markets have voted for Obama’s performance and the vote is resounding “NO!”

But there’s another party that has voted NO! as well. This is a person missing in action since Obama and his utterly brilliant economic advisers started throwing money against every wall in America in hopes some of it might just stick… somewhere… anywhere.

This missing person may be the only person of true stature in the past 30 years of American economic history. A former Federal Reserve Chairman that didn’t end up disgraced. A hero for ending runaway inflation and for service in a variety of investigations where he was noted for his integrity.

He was introduced as part of the Obama Economic Dream Team right after the election – you know, those geniuses that were going to save the financial world. This person is nowhere to be found. His absence speaks volumes about how he votes on the Obama- Congressional spending indulgence labeled “stimulus.” That person with thumbs pointing straight down in silence and absence would be Paul Volker.

Meanwhile, the Democrats – claimants to the moral high ground – still haven’t returned to the bankruptcy trustee the approximately $200,000 in political contributions they accepted from Bernard Madoff over the past several years while he was fleecing thousands in a Ponzi scheme. Once, they made a very big deal of Republicans that took money from Ken Lay. If the losses suffered by Madoff’s victims were not so horrendous, the hypocrisy would be merely amusing.

Then there’s Joe Biden’s family’s involvement with Texas financier R. Allen Stanford – he of the paltry $8 billion swindle. Just another day at the office for the Obama team.

And, of course, we have Rahm Emmanuel living rent free in a D.C. area home where normal rent would be many thousands of dollars a month. Owner Stanley Greenberg, a Democrat consultant/pollster to whom Emmanuel fed millions of dollars of contract work when he managed House re-election campaigns, provided the keys to the house.

There is a Supreme Court tax case entitled Duberstein that held that quid pro quo financial benefits provided to someone who has provided “favors” are taxable income. So we have yet another income taxes miscreant residing at the top level of the Obama Administration. The sense of entitlement that is seemingly part of Democrat political officeholder or appointee is truly astonishing.

The press worries about political and law enforcement corruption in Mexico. Seems to this writer that in three short weeks, Obama – a child of Illinois politics – is going to run a race to catch up.

The first big speech before Congress was impressive for its delivery – as is the case with many, if not most, Obama speeches. One wonders if Americans got a bit lost in the rhetoric wherein Obama promised us universal health care, endless educational benefits conferred by government and a government-sponsored transition to a wholly green world, all the while asserting that he’s really not for big, intrusive government or forms of socialism. Isn’t there just a bit of conflict there?

.In fact, the “One,” he of the bi-partisan, hope and change campaign, now elected, is confirming what many of us suggested during the endless campaign that began for him in about 2005 – that he’s just a Glib Tongued Charlatan.

Kip Dellinger is a West Los Angeles resident. He doesn’t think much of President Obama or his administration’s early performance in office

Meanwhile, the press remains little more than a Liberal Bugle spouting mostly Democrat talking points or just plain nonsense.

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