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More Tales from the Bike Path

July 10, 2007

Dear Editor,

Good capture of the "ordinary." (“THE LENS -- The Santa Monica Bike Path Survival Guide,” July 9, 2007)

The weirdest I've seen is a dude skating backwards with a python around his neck holding and watching a TV.

The most dangerous: a group of about twenty deaf-mutes in a group riding and "talking." No use for "on your left."

As a bike rider I bought a mini air horn from a marine eqpt shop. When you approach a group of pedestrians blocking the path, a blast will usually provide an opening.

When you see a child approach the path, a blast will freeze them. The little darlings frequently only look one way before darting out, they're excited to get to the surf. You can post these comments as well, if you so wish.

Jim Mitchell

July 10, 2007

Dear Editor,

I ride the path all the time and for me the worst offender is the No Look Crosser.

These slow moving seemingly unaware groups carrying all sorts of heavy coolers and often with many slower children are a menace on the path. I have wiped out onto the sand several times in order to avoid hurting someone.

One group of teens thought it was funny as I ran into the sand to avoid a painful (for them) collision! As you know, the sand doesn't hurt but it sure makes the gears grind until you can clean them off properly.

Anyway, see you on the path. . . as early as possible.

Andrew R.

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