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Speaking Terms

December 6, 2003

Dear Editor,

Mr. Bass's quoted allegation that "Sally tells us to 'F' ourselves every time we see her" is untrue. ("Commission Gives Seaview Addition Go ahead," Dec. 5, 2003)

I say nothing. Unfortunately, I have not been on speaking terms with my neighbors Jerry Bass and Stephanie Barbanell for six months owing to my assessment of their duplicity and Stephanie Barbanell's hostility toward me, my husband and my architect.

Stephanie has a capacity for a kind heart and has given me chicken soup and presents for my toddler, & has done good things for the city, such as helping getting rid of a liquor store at Ocean Ave. alleged to supply aggressive, intoxicated panhandlers.

This does not excuse, however, her actions against my family & our supporters who seek to revive our rather dilapidated terrace.

Sally. A. Frautschy, Ph.D.
Santa Monica

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