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Investigate Weller's Engine Mount

Dear Editor,

Sir, first I wish to express my condolences to you in your city’s grief over such a large loss of life from the incredible accident caused by Mr. Weller’s car last July. ("Elderly Driver Could Face Manslaughter Charges in Market Fatalities," Dec. 18)

I have been following the story within the media. My interest is because the actions of Mr. Weller and 1992 Buick LeSabre reminded me of a Buick I used to own. The motor mount on the left-hand side was breaking down. When I stepped on the throttle, the engine rose from its mount, binding the accelerator linkage and that caused the car to speed on -- out of my control. At first, I could not even take it out of gear. I finally turned the key off, killing the engine.

I believe your police department has great investigators who would probably seek out such a scenario that I am suggesting. Just in case someone missed it, I am sending you my thoughts because I am bothered by the lack of information.

Has this area of the car been investigated? I mention this because this is not the first time that I witnessed a bad motor mount causing an engine to run away.

I am a retired expert with over 22 years of mechanical experience in the International Union of Operating Engineers, where I have worked as a Master Mechanic. And I have witnessed this anomaly in other engines. It is a simple check done by jacking the engine up to see if it lifts off the mount. If it is a mechanical defect, then I would suspect the injured would have a legal claim for their harm caused by the auto manufacturer, and not by Mr. Russell Weller.

I hope this information is helpful. I pray for relief to be given to those who sorely need it.

T Dea Robertson-Gutierrez

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