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Boxed In and Ridiculous Policies

April 5, 2002

Dear Editor:

Though I rarely find myself in agreement with Frank Gruber, I think he hit a homerun with his insight in his column (WHAT I SAY, "Landmarking," April 5, 2002). Frank has correctly cut through all the propaganda, and discovered that the Landmark Commission's effort to create new historic districts has nothing to do with any homes having historic merit, and everything to do with the City looking for a new ways to stop "monster mansions."

What was missing from Frank Gruber's article was chastising the city for its gross incompetence in its attempt to reform the City's zoning code for single-family residences. People are building "monster mansions" because the City code permits 6,000-foot houses on 9,000-foot lots, and 5,000-foot houses on 7,500-foot lots.

All the new houses are ugly boxes because huge side-yard requirements prevent them from having any shape, and low height requirements prevent Tudor, Victorian, Colonial, and many other styles of houses. If anyone in the city was paying attention they would note that most of the beautiful old 2-story, that are allegedly so admired, could not be built today under the current zoning code.

Rather than dealing with density by focusing on density (floor to area ratio in the code), the city is instead proposing that large groups of home owners lose their rights provided by the city's zoning code, and be forced to have all of their construction requests be subject to the arbitrary whim of a handful of political appointees.

It should be self-evident why an "angry mob" has been showing up at Landmark Commission meetings.

Jeff Segal
Santa Monica

April 4, 2002

Dear Editor,

I am a 'California Girl", or at least I always considered myself as such. Now I will feel ashamed to admit that in front of strangers. I just read the guest opinion piece ("Political Correctness out of Control," March 27) regarding liberalism in your school system.

Why? Why do you believe you can nurture better citizens with your ridiculous policies? Why do you feel that children do not need a faith to live by? Why do you deprive them of knowledge of Jesus Christ but feed them on Islam? Why do you encourage sex and unhealthy acts on children who are too young to know better when you are morally responsible for guiding them in the direction which is most healthy and happy for them AND the country in which they live?

Do you really believe the children you corrupt will make better citizens than the children brought up and educated in a more standard way? Surely you have better sense. Or do you possibly practice such depraved behavior that dragging down a group of suggestible kids will make you look better?

Someday you must meet your maker. I hope and pray that you are prepared for that day. I thank the Lord for One Million Moms who make us aware of this sort of thing so that we may plead with you to try to change education and life for children and give them a chance.

Please try to do better for all the children who depend on you, and for yourself.

Ilda Calvert
Jerusalem, Arkansas

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