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Politically (In)Correct and What Diversity?

March 28, 2002

Dear Editor,

I'd like to begin by congratulating Stephen Miller ("Political Correctness out of Control," March 27, 2002) on having found his voice -- and for learning and caring enough to want to be a part of the solution ... as opposed to being part of the problem. However, political correctness is hardly the largest problem on campus at Samohi.

As I am not a part of that campus, I won't attempt to say what is, opinions being first cousins to belly buttons (better left under wraps unless otherwise requested). Also, I
can't imagine why having announcements written in Spanish should be seen as a crutch, but that's just me.

One small suggestion I do have for Master Miller as he expands his insights over the media is -- get your facts right. To wit:

  • Sex between minors is not de facto statutory rape
  • Scalping was not a part of Indian culture (they learned it from the French)
  • The nation that stopped Hitler was the country on the Eastern Front that sacrificed millions of men and women to hold the line until American factories could gear up and create a second front -- four years later!

Somehow I doubt withholding condoms from high school students would have any effect upon their sexual activities -- but I can easily see how doing so might create a spike in teen pregnancy and the dropout rate.

Having lost uncles and cousins in the last four wars (WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam), I
certainly do not doubt the bravery of American troops. I do however feel it is my duty to question the sanity of the leaders who send them into neutral countries (Laos, Panama...) to effect military solutions to political questions, just because we can.

I guess Master Miller also sees some benefit in having thousands of students repeat the same words day after day (most without ever really knowing what those words mean, or that they are in fact, ideals ... not reality).

" ... with liberty and justice for all." is a tough sell in a day when women make only about 70 cents to each male dollar for the same work in most careers.

But then we liberals have always had a nasty habit of pointing out both the good and the bad in our system, and the temerity to question indoctrinating as opposed to teaching bright young people such as himself. Still liberal, still proud,

Marc J. Sanschagrin
Santa Monica

March 27, 2002

Dear Editor,

As smart as Stephen Miller is, I'm sure he knows that he is the one who is politically correct and his point of view dominates in American society today. In fact, it always has.

So stop worrying, Stephen. You rule. The rest of us are just speaking out of turn. Dubbya may I?

Linda Sullivan
Santa Monica

March 26, 2002

Dear Editor,

Alan Toy's response to ("Sign of the Times: So Many Apartments, So Few Takers," March 19, 2002) was correct in stating that Mr. Balter is foolish in not renting his apartment for a lower rent, which would in essence be the market rent, but I take major exception to the reason's Mr. Toy espouses for rent control which went into effect in 1979.

He claims that the pre-Costa Hawkins era "prevented landlords from price gouging at the expense of diversity and quality of life in Santa Monica." That is one of the most absurd things I've ever read.

I live in a building where half the building's units are still under pre-Costa Hawkins' era rates and all of the tenants, before and after Costa Hawkins, are and have been white. No one ever leaves which prevents a diverse population from ever being formed. All the buildings I am familiar with are in a similar state. And now I am to understand that having less money improves your quality of life.

If I'm not mistaken, the Promenade is filled with high-end stores. When I was a kid, I was afraid to go to the Mall. Now I can enjoy it. And another benefit is the tax revenue the city receives from increased use from people that come to visit from all over the world. From that revenue our city has been able to improve the beach areas, the parks, etc. I fail to see has an influx of money hurts the quality of life in any city.

If Mr. Toy wants to encourage diversity, he should promote a system based on a means test rather than a maximum level of rent. What we have now creates a hostile environment where both landlords and tenants are always looking over their shoulders.

Dan Kolhoff
Santa Monica Resident

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