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Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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Santa Monica Anti-Airport Group Cries Foul on Election Ads
October 1, 2014 – Opponents of a measure that would require voter approval on changes made to Santa Monica Airport claim that the Measure D campaign is illegally using names from its petition in campaign ads.

Closing a Chapter at the Santa Monica Montana Library
October 1, 2014 -- The library was the Internet, when Terrie Dorio started at the Montana Branch in Santa Monica. All the answers were there, organized neatly in the long slim drawers of the card catalogue.

School Officials Plans to Tackle Hot Topic at Edison Language Academy
October 1, 2014 -- Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District officials might not have been prepared to talk about the reported sweltering temperatures inside Edison Language Academy at the most recent Board of Education meeting. But it was the top topic of the Sept. 18 meeting anyhow.

Santa Monica Conservancy Hosts Annual Fundraiser
October 1, 2014 – The Santa Monica Conservancy will host its annual fundraising salon to support its educational programs on October 12 at 3 p.m. at the historic Bundy House located at 401 25th Street.

Santa Monica Anti-Airport Group Backs Slow-Growth Slate
September 30, 2014 – Santa Monica’s most vocal anti-airport group announced Monday that it is backing three slow-growth advocates in November’s highly contentious City Council race.

Rivals Trade Jabs Regarding Economic Impact of Santa Monica Airport
September 30, 2014 -- Leaders of the campaign opposing the aviation interests-sponsored Measure D say they have the smoking gun proving the Santa Monica Airport does not give the local and regional economies a boost. However, Measure D backers say this evidence actually shows the airport is “a leading generator of economic activity for the city and the region.”

Mysterious Author Presents New Book at Santa Monica Library
September 30, 2014 -- Mysterious author Pseudonymous Bosch will be kicking off his next series of books with an appearance Saturday at the Santa Monica Public Library, where he allegedly began penning his bestselling “Secret Series.”  

Letter - RE: Parents, Teachers Angry About the Heat at Edison School
September 30, 2014 -- Well, here we go. The brand new school cannot be kept cool. The school board wrings their hands and tells us the children must have air conditioning. Had they built properly, this would not have been the case.

Santa Monica Files Suit for Fatal Airplane Crash Cleanup
September 29, 2014 – The City of Santa Monica is expected to file a negligence suit against the estate of construction tycoon Mark Benjamin, the pilot of a small plane that crashed and killed four people in the Santa Monica airport exactly one year ago today.

Parents, Teachers Angry About the Heat at Edison School
September 29, 2014 --
Current hot temperatures have not just been felt outside, but also inside the classrooms of the newly rebuilt Edison Language Academy. Parents and teachers told the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District board last week that the heat had become unbearable and was affecting students’ ability to learn.

OPCC Celebrates 50 Years of Homeless Services in Santa Monica
September 29, 2014 –Founded as a small, grassroots community resource center for low-income families in Santa Monica half a century ago, OPCC held a celebrity studded celebration Saturday as a model homeless services agency.

Santa Monica College Broad Stage Director to Step Down After Six Years
September 26, 2014 – One of the driving forces behind the creation and cultivation of Santa Monica College’s Broad Stage has stepped down from her position as Director.

Santa Monica’s Residocracy Launches Experiment in Electronic Endorsement Voting
September 26, 2014 – In what is Santa Monica’s first online political endorsement vote, Residocracy members began weighing in on their candidate choices for City Council Wednesday.

Tougher Tenant Harassment Laws Won’t Deter Landlords Looking for ‘Economic Prize,’ City Attorney Says
September 26, 2014 -- Santa Monica City Attorney Marsha Moutrie on Tuesday spoke against what she called council members giving false hope to harassed tenants. She said the “economic prize” for getting rid of long-time, rent-controlled tenants was too high for landlords, and new laws would not deter them.

Letter - The Need for Civic Center Open Space
September 26, 2014 -- As California enters deeper into drought and global warming, grass lawns and playing fields, with their high watering demand are becoming the next obvious victims. 

Santa Monica Council Sets Developer Fees to Support Affordable Housing, McKeown Says It’s Not Enough
September 25, 2014 -- City Councilmember Kevin McKeown, who called himself a “houser” who “looks for ways to create affordable housing” had harsh words on Tuesday for his fellow members of the dais and City staff about how they handle developers.

Santa Monica Regulates E-Cigarettes
September 25, 2014 -- Santa Monica on Tuesday joined Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Long Beach in regulating electronic cigarettes – also known as e-cigarettes and vaping machines – within its city limits.

Review - Better Than Ezra Still Delights
September 25, 2014 --These were the days spent at 14 Below. Dressed in crop tops and overalls, Doc Martins and black velvet choker necklaces, we stood in long lines every weekend. The bouncers carefully checked our IDs, and we shuffled in to flirt with greasy guys and drink Killian’s Irish Red. Zima was already out of style.

Santa Monica Rep Goes Wilde
September 24, 2014 -- "This suspense is terrible,” Oscar Wilde once said. “I hope it will last.” If you agree with the sentiment, you may want to catch Wilde's classic comedy "The Importance of Being Earnest" at the Santa Monica Public Library on October 2.

Federal Court Denies Santa Monica’s Motion to Dismiss First Amendment Suit
September 24, 2014 -- A lawsuit charging that Santa Monica unlawfully rescinded the hiring of its information officer will move ahead after a federal district Judge on Monday denied the City’s motion to dismiss the case.

Santa Monica Could Ban Controversial Parking Application
September 24, 2014 -- A controversial iPhone application that allows motorists to sell public parking spaces may soon be banned in Santa Monica, with the City’s top parking official calling it “immoral.”

Santa Monica Planning Commission Approves Various Alcohol Permits
September 24, 2014 -- Last week’s alcohol-themed Santa Monica Planning Commission meeting was not much of a party. Every item on the agenda involved requests for alcohol-serving rights or expansion of rights, and they were all approved with no comments from the public and little controversy.

Santa Monica to Help Decide State Propositions
September 23, 2014 – While Santa Monica voters are focusing on hotly contested local measures that will determine the future of the airport and affordable housing, six statewide initiatives will also be on the ballot in the November 4 General Election.

Santa Monica Council to Consider $8.5 million Consent Calendar
September 23, 2014 – The Santa Monica City Council on Tuesday will consider spending $8,549,673 on new transit buses, credit card processing services and planning services for the Civic Auditorium, among other expenses on the Consent Calendar.

Santa Monica, Malibu Students Post High Scores in AP Scholar Awards
September 23, 2014 – Some 400 Advanced Placement (AP) students at Santa Monica and Malibu high schools have received AP Scholar awards, School District officials announced Monday.

Santa Monica’s Promenade Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Old-Fashioned Block Party
September 22, 2014 -- Twenty five years after community leaders transformed a decaying shopping strip into one of the most profitable outdoor shopping malls in the world, City officials celebrated the Promenade's 25th anniversary with an old fashioned block party Sunday.

Santa Monica Council Poised to Regulate E-Cigarettes
September 22, 2014 -- The use of electronic cigarettes in public places has ignited a firestorm of controversy across the nation. Next week, Santa Monica will likely join Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Long Beach in regulating the smoking trend.

Reviews -- Pompeii Exhibit is a Bust
September 22, 2014 -- I started down the dusty stone street in the hot afternoon sun. A gentle ocean breeze provided a bit of relief, as I skipped over the gaps between the stones made by horse-drawn carts.

Santa Monica Chamber Targets Younger Tech Voters
September 22, 2014 -- The Chamber of Commerce launched a campaign to register and turn out new voters and employees of Santa Monica’s burgeoning tech industry for the November 4 election.

Exclusive - Sue Himmelrich Backed by SMRR Leadership for Council Race
September 19, 2014 –The Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights (SMRR) steering committee voted to back Planning Commissioner Sue Himmelrich for City Council during a special closed-door meeting Thursday evening, the Lookout has learned.

The Jewel of the Promenade
September 19, 2014 -- On a sunny Friday afternoon in Santa Monica, Tony Ayoub is busy behind the counter of The Jewel Shop on Third Street Promenade talking with a customer as if they are old friends.

Santa Monica History Museum Celebrates First Flight Around the World
September 19, 2014 – In 1924, Santa Monica took center stage when a squadron of U.S. Army Airmen took off from the bayside city and flew Donald Douglas cruisers 27,553 miles to complete the first flight around the world.

Santa Monica Promenade Turns 25
Part 1: The Ingredients for Success The Santa Monica Promenade Goes Global
Part 2: The Success Spreads The Making of a Model Place
Opinion - Santa Monica Promenade’s Secret to Success Santa Monica Promenade Celebrates 25th Anniversary with a Week of Festivities

Santa Monica Police and Firefighters to Back O’Connor, McKeown and Gruber
September 18, 2014Santa Monica’s powerful public safety unions will throw their reputation and considerable campaign war chest behind two incumbents and one challenger in the race for four City Council seats, union officials will announce Thursday.

The Making of a Model Place
September 18, 2014 -- When planning began for Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade more than 25 years ago, there were few successful outdoor pedestrian malls in the United States from which to draw inspiration.

Santa Monica Gang-related Shooting Suspect Convicted
September 18, 2014 – A Santa Monica gang member responsible for a 2013 shooting that broke a three-and-a half-year lull in gang violence will serve 11 years in state prison for attempted murder, police officials said Tuesday.

Alcohol Dominates Santa Monica Planning Commission Agenda
September 17, 2014 -- Liquor, beer and wine will play major roles at the next Santa Monica Planning Commission meeting. No, there will not be any drinking on the dais this Wednesday evening, but requests for alcohol service rights are featured in every item on the agenda.

Santa Monica Cops Honored with Medal of Valor
September 17, 2014 – Three law enforcement officials from Santa Monica were honored Monday by Governor Edmund “Jerry” Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris for their part in ending a shooting spree that took five lives in June of 2013.

Santa Monica Promenade Celebrates 25 Years : The Success Spreads
Second of two parts
September 16, 2014
-- Launched on September 16, 1989 as an experiment in urban planning, the success of Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade soon spread to neighboring streets.

School District Proposes Ed Board Support Real Estate Tax Hike
September 16, 2014 -- The campaign in favor of two November ballot measures calling for a real estate tax increase to support affordable housing projects in Santa Monica could receive a boost Thursday if the Board of Education accepts the school district staff’s recommendation to endorse the proposal.

Santa Monica Restaurant Operator Pleads No Contest to 14 Misdemeanor Charges
September 16, 2014 –Eighty-one years after the repeal of Prohibition, a modern day speakeasy has been successfully prosecuted in Santa Monica for violating city alcohol permit laws.

Opinion - Santa Monica Promenade’s Secret to Success
September 16, 2014 -- I know many of us can remember the 1980s, but for those of you who don’t, downtowns were a dying breed, and Santa Monica was no exception. Indoor shopping centers were all the rage, and Frank Gehry had just designed one in Santa Monica. It became the place to go.


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