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Friday, August 7, 2020

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School Board Member Not to Seek Reelection, Deadline to Run Extended
August 7, 2020 -- School Board member Ralph Mechur did not pull nominating papers to run for re-election, extending until Wednesday the deadline for potential candidates to enter the race for three open seats.

Former Angeles PR Director Charged in Skaggs Death
August 7, 2020 -- The former public relations director for the Los Angeles Angels has been charged with distributing the drug that killed pitcher Tyler Skaggs last July.

LETTERS -- Outrageous for League of Women Voters President to Take a Political Position
August 7, 2020 -- For the president of the League to take and publish a political position is outrageous, biased, inappropriate, prejudiced and altogether wrong.

Local 11 pays Exec's husband inflated salary

Appeals Court Rejects Petition to Rehear Voting Rights Lawsuit
August 6, 2020 -- The voting rights lawsuit against the City of Santa Monica is headed to the California Supreme Court after an Appeals Court on Wednesday rejected the plaintiffs' petition to rehear the case.

Santa Monica Property Owners to See Lower Tax Bills After School District Refinances Bonds
August 6, 2020 -- Santa Monica and Malibu taxpayers will save more than $6 million after the School District refinanced nearly $75 million in general obligation bonds, District officials announced Thursday.

Santa Monica Cares

OPINION -- State Legislature Must Act to Provide Common Sense Fixes for Our Housing Crisis
August 6, 2020 -- Clearly, current policy is plagued with loopholes that limit new housing construction. We need to ask ourselves: “What are we really trying to protect by artificially limiting housing stock?”

Santa Monica to Crack Down of Face Mask Violators
Face mask effectiveness close-up August 6, 2020 -- The City of Santa Monica issued a warning Wednesday that it will begin enforcing its face covering order this week, with those in violation facing an initial fine of $100. The enforcement efforts will take place in business districts and parks.

Malibu Seeks Stimulus Funding for Electric Cars
August 5, 2020 -- Santa Monica has long been a champion of converting its City fleet to electric vehicles, but this week Malibu outdid its southern neighbor's lobbying efforts to reach that goal.

Santa Monica Voters to Decide Fate of Two Ballot Measures
August 4, 2020 -- Local voters will decide whether to boost Santa Monica's luxury real estate tax to help fund municipal services and amend the City Charter to help diversify its workforce.

LETTERS -- Does Our Council Really Hear Us?
August 4, 2020 -- Have we as residents who have a vested interest in our City become irrelevant? The answer may be found in the public input on "The Plaza." Here is a breakdown of who weighed in.

City Warns of Coronavirus Tracing Scams
August 4, 2020 -- As Los Angeles County health officials ramp up their efforts to track those infected with COVID-19, Santa Monica City officials warn that scammers are trying to cash in.

Weekly Number of Coronavirus Cases in Santa Monica Remains Steady
August 3, 2020 -- The number of weekly coronavirus cases in Santa Monica held steady for a third straight week, as hospitalizations in Los Angeles County saw a significant drop.

Big Blue Bus to Take Another Step Promoting Cashless Future
August 3, 2020 -- The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus (BBB) is taking another step this week towards a cashless future by proposing incentives to use "contactless" alternatives to pay fares.

More Than Two Dozen Council Hopefuls Vie for Five Open Seats
July 31, 2020 -- A total of 27 City Council hopefuls -- including all five incumbents -- have pulled papers as Santa Monica's nominating period enters its final week on Monday.

LETTERS -- 'The Plaza' Project Raises Questions Staff Won't Answer
July 31, 2020 -- Do we really need more hotel rooms when the Coronavirus may impact travel for years? Do we really need more office space when working from home becomes enshrined? Where’s the analysis?

Plaintiffs in Santa Monica Voting Rights Suit File Petition for Rehearing
July 30, 2020 -- Plaintiffs in the voting rights lawsuit against the City have asked the California Appeals Court for a rehearing after it found that Santa Monica's at-large election system does not violate State law.

OPINION -- Local 11 Drowns Out Community Voices In 'Plaza' Debate
July 30, 2020 -- The public outcry against The Plaza suggests residents are tired of being steamrolled by hotel union interests at the hands of their own elected officials.

EXTRA -- Santa Monica Council Votes to Continue Negotiations on 'The Plaza' Project Downtown
July 29, 2020 -- The City Council voted 6 to 1 on Tuesday to continue negotiations on "The Plaza" project proposed on City owned land Downtown, deciding the revenues, jobs and housing it would create outweigh the risks of pending litigation.

Santa Monica College Planetarium Explores Past and Future Efforts to Return to the Moon
July 29, 2020 -- A failure in an oxygen tank shortly after Apollo 13 was launched on April 11, 1970 prevented the third crewed mission from landing on the moon. On Friday, August 7, Santa Monica College's (SMC) Planetarium will look at the fallout from the aborted mission.

Prominent Santa Monica Doctor Featured in Censored Coronavirus Video
July 28, 2020 -- A renown Santa Monica pediatrician was among the doctors who questioned the medical response to the coronavirus pandemic in a viral video censored by major social media outlets Monday.

Santa Monica Extends Coronavirus Emergency Another Month
July 28, 2020 -- Citing the continued spread of the coronavirus, the City of Santa Monica on Tuesday extended its local health emergency and most associated orders through August 31.

Santa Monica Surpasses 600 Coronavirus Cases
July 27, 2020 -- The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Santa Monica surpassed 600 on Sunday, although new cases held steady for the second week in a row after posting a record high.

Police Reform Committee to Hold Meeting Thursday
July 27, 2020 -- Santa Monica community residents will have their first chance to weigh in on local policing policies at a meeting of the newly formed Public Safety Reform Advisory Committee on Thursday at 6 p.m. via teleconference, City officials announced.

OPINION -- A Cautionary Tale for the Council When It Votes on 'The Plaza' Project Tuesday Night
Village Trailer Park was an eye-opening experience for the City in how little it got back for enriching a private developer. The same can happen again with 'The Plaza' Tuesday night.

Council to Consider Ballot Measure Changing Hiring Rules
April 24, 2020 -- The City Council on Tuesday will consider placing a measure on the November ballot that would diversity the City's workforce by making it easier to hire minorities and women.

Santa Monica Lawmakers' Bill Would Allow Housing on Commercial Land
July 24, 2020 -- A bill co-sponsored by a Santa Monica lawmaker that would allow housing developments with affordable units to be built on commercially zoned land is making its way through the Senate.

EXTRA -- Santa Monica Loses LA Marathon
April 23, 2020 -- After a an 11-year run to the finish line through Santa Monica, the LA Marathon announced Thursday that next year's race will end in Century City instead of the Pier. The decision deals a blow to Santa Monica's crippled business sector.

County to Crack Down on Businesses that Defy Health Orders
July 23, 2020 -- After shutting down some 100 businesses for failing to comply with health orders under the cornonavirus emergency, County Health officials announced Thursday that they will step up enforcement.

Residents Ask Council to Scale Back Preferential Parking Restrictions in Two Zones
July 22, 2020 -- In an unusual move, residents in two areas of Santa Monica have asked the City Council to ease preferential parking restrictions on their streets. The Council is expected to make the changes at its meeting Tuesday.

New Chamber Chair Steps Aside to Pave Way for Santa Monica Resident
July 22, 2020 -- Land use attorney Dave Rand will no longer chair the Chamber of Commerce board, paving the way for a Santa Monica resident to take the helm during the city's economic recovery.

All Five City Council Incumbents Running in November
July 21, 2020 -- All five Santa Monica City Council incumbents whose terms expire in November have pulled nominating papers to run, according to the candidate list on the City Clerk's website.
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