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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Audit Subcommittee Meant to Ease Public Distrust of Santa Monica City Hall Faces New Challenge
March 29, 2017 -- When it was created almost two years ago, a special panel to act as a watchdog of public spending at Santa Monica City Hall inspired some high hopes.

Protestors Call on City to Aid Laid-Off Workers at Typhoon Restaurant in Santa Monica
March 29, 2017 -- Concerned about the 25 employees laid off when Typhoon restaurant at Santa Monica Airport closed last fall, unionized hotel workers picketed the site Monday to call on the City to do more to help.

California Traffic Amnesty Program Ends Friday
March 29, 2017 -- Friday marks the end of a Traffic Court Amnesty Program that has allowed low-income Californians, including low-wage workers and those on fixed incomes in Santa Monica, to reduce unpaid court debt , State officials said.

SPECIAL SERIES: How Rick Cole is Redefining the Role of City Manager
PART I: Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole Is 'Distinctly Different'
PART II: Critics Zero in on Santa Monica City Manager's Spending Priorities
PART III: Cole a Key Player as “New Urbanism” and Fears of Over-Development Clash in Santa Monica

Demand for Water Rebates in Santa Monica Drying Up
March 28, 2017 -- Despite the ongoing drought, demand for once popular water-conservation rebates has seen a dramatic drop largely due to a recent change in tax write-offs, according to a new City report.

City Ponders Future After Fuel Supplier Announces Exit from Santa Monica Airport
March 28, 2017 -- City officials are deciding how to supply the type of fuel used by two-thirds of aircraft at Santa Monica Airport (SMO) following the decision by American Flyers to shut down on April 15.

Image of Homo nanendi Santa Monica Broad Stage Presents 'The Mystery of Our Human Story'
March 28, 2017
-- Four years ago a pair of recreational cavers in South Africa stumbled on a find that has been hailed as one of the greatest fossil discoveries of the past half century.

No Violations Found in Review of City of Santa Monica's Agreements with Developer
March 27, 2017 -- Following the orders of the City Council, City of Santa Monica staff reviewed all current and pending agreements between the City and NMS Properties, and no violations were found, according to a report issued last week.

Judge Keeps Santa Monica Hit and Run Suspect’s Bail at $10 Million, Citing Possible Terrorism Link
March 27, 2017 -- Absadi Kidane, who is accused of killing a man last Tuesday in Santa Monica’s Civic Center Parking Lot, when he struck him with his car and continued driving, remains in custody with an unusually high bail set at $10 million.

OPINION: A Separate School District for Mailbu, But How Much Should Santa Monica Give Up?
March 27, 2017 -- Former School Board member José Escarce explores the best path for a Board he believes is in a very strong bargaining position.

Desire to Fly Visit the 'Wonder Rooms' of Santa Monica's Tongva Park
March 27, 2017 -- An interdisciplinary group of artists will turn Santa Monica's Tongva Park into an enchanted forest for two consecutive nights next month.

Santa Monica Rent Board Endorses State Bills to Turn Back Clock on Housing Lease Laws
March 24, 2017 -- Santa Monica Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s bill that would allow for the return of extreme rental housing price control eliminated two decades ago has received a mixed reaction statewide. But his bill has the full support of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board.

Santa Monica Joins Lawsuit Challenging President on Immigration
March 24, 2017 -- The City of Santa Monica signed onto an amicus brief this week supporting the County of Santa Clara’s effort to get a nationwide injunction against the president’s executive order for federal funds to be withheld from “sanctuary jurisdictions” for illegal immigrants.

Santa Monica Library Mural Focus of Conservancy Presentation
Solar System panel in Macdonald-Wright Library mural March 24, 2017 -- The Santa Monica Conservancy will present an illustrated talk next month about a storied mural that found its way back to the beach City after years in storage in the nation's capital.

Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole Takes on Critics -- Again
March 23, 2017 -- Call it Cole vs Critics: Round Three. Rick Cole, Santa Monica's sometimes outspoken-to-a-fault city manager, has taken to his City blog to issue a written blow to “those who pose” as government watchdogs for allegedly trying to “discredit,” rather than “reform,” their targets .

Millard Sheets mural Council Could Landmark Former Bank Building with Iconic Santa Monica Mural
March 23, 2017 -- The former Home Savings Building in Santa Monica, a signature design of famed California artist Millard Sheets, heads back to the City Council Tuesday for a decision on whether to grant it the protections of an official landmark.

Santa Monica's Woodlawn Cemetery to Open 'Green' Burial Site Next Week
Mach 23, 2017 -- "Eternal Meadow," Southern California's second "green burial site," will open at Santa Monica’s historic Woodlawn Cemetery on April 1, City officials announced Thursday.

Santa Monica Mourns Death of Third Samohi Student in Six Months
March 22, 2017 -- Santa Monica was in mourning Wednesday as the community tried to cope with news of a 15-year-old Samohi student who fell three floorsto his death Saturday while on LSD, the third death of one of the school’s students in six months.

Low-Income Housing Crisis in Santa Monica Poised to Worsen Under Proposed White House Budget
March 22, 2017 -- When the City of Santa Monica re-opened its application list for subsidized housing on January 31 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., some 18,000 applications poured in -- for 1,167 vouchers.

Firefighters Save Dying Dog Santa Monica Firefighters Save Dying Dog from Blaze
March 22, 2017 -- Santa Monica Firefighters revived a dog they had rescued from a blaze Tuesday afternoon near Santa Monica High School, fire officials said.

Picture of Elaine Polachek Trailblazing Santa Monica Assistant City Manager to Retire
March 21, 2017 -- After a nearly 27-year career that reached top posts at City Hall, Santa Monica Assistant City Manager Elaine Polachek is retiring, the City has announced.

Study Finds Santa Monica Among Affluent Cities with Biggest Subsidy Hikes under Proposed Health Care Plan
March 21, 2017 -- People in Santa Monica who buy their own health insurance will see average subsidies under the proposed American Health Care Act rise from zero to $6,000 a year, a hike matched by a few other well-off cities, a new study found.

Concert for the Arts Raises More than $88,000 for Santa Monica - Malibu District Schools
March 21, 2017 -- The Greg Coote Concert For The Arts headlined by two multiple-Grammy-award winners this month raised more than $88,000 to support the arts in Santa Monica - Malibu District schools, event organizers said this week.

Appellate Court Upholds $23 Million Judgment Against Contractor in Santa Monica Homeowner Case
March 20, 2017 -- A California Court of Appeal panel has upheld a jury’s decision to award more than $23 million to an autistic woman who says a contractor took advantage of her and her now deceased mentally ill brother and nearly sold their Santa Monica home for his own benefit.

Two Runners from Santa Monica Place in Marathon Top 10
March 20, 2017 -- Santa Monica was well-represented among the top finishers in the LA Marathon, which was raced on Sunday. Two of the top 10 finishers (outside the invited “elite” runners) and three of the top 100 live in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica College Planetarium Offers View of Other-worldly Phenomenon Next Month
Moons of Jupiter March 20, 2017 -- A close-up view of the moons of Jupiter and the sounds of radio voices from distant galaxies will be among the other-worldly phenomenon featured in shows next month at Santa Monica College John Drescher Planetarium.

Challenges to Santa Monica Airport Closure Deal Continue
March 17, 2017 -- A Republican congressman from Louisiana who says he has a “deep concern” about the recently approved agreement to close the Santa Monica Airport (SMO) in 2028 is demanding clarifications from federal officials.

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